MultiFit hosts ‘Multisol’, a Futsal Tournament, in association with Poona Hoteliers Association!

Pune (Voice news service):- MultiFit, in association with Poona Hoteliers Association, recently hosted ‘Multisol’, a Futsal Tournament. The fitness tournament consisted of 16 teams (200 participants), approximately 150 spectators, and members of the gym who were present to cheer and enjoy the sporting event. 
At MultiFit, we believe fitness is a way of life. Unlike other traditional gyms, we also strive to build a community. We encourage our members to work out in groups or include routines that involve groups and participate in outdoor team activities like Treks, Volleyball etc. With this in mind, MultiFit has hosted several sporting events in the past, centered around fun sports activities. Multisol was no different. The event witnessed participants and spectators making the most of this fun activity. Several soccer clubs from Pune, Panchgani, and Mumbai, participated in the event to compete in the finals. It was a day when everyone’s spirits were high, with adrenaline rushing at its peak as they cheered for their favourite team to win.
“At MultiFit we like to keep things upbeat and fun for all. It is not only about gym workout routines, people also like to engage in group activities and hosting such events keeps everyone together through fun yet fitness-centred activity. In the past as well we have received a great response from people when such activities have been organised and we will continue hosting many more sport centred activities.
Multisol in particular, was a huge success and it was exciting to watch people be a part of it to this extent”, says Ms. Reshma Merchant, Lead – Fitness Innovation and Events, MultiFit. Of the 16 teams that participated, Panna Boys and Amar FC made it to the finals. Panna Boys won the tournament.
All in all, the evening ended with high energy levels. Everyone was stoked to be a part of the event, be it the participants or the audience. All enjoyed the tournament and were enthusiastic about the next one!

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